Sunny Ray, C.C.N, L.N,     ”Be full and hang around”


· We are committed to helping each one of our clients  become healthy and whole; spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.  We partner with our clients to improve their health.  We do our best to “be full and hang around,” to model wise choices, and direct our clients to the source of love, worth, forgiveness and complete health


· Sunny Ray believes overall health includes physical, emotional and spiritual well-being


· Sunny Ray may use any or all of the areas of her expertise according to the needs of the individual’s situation.  Some of those areas are clinical nutrition, traditional naturopathy, Educational Kinesiology, BioKinesiology, laterality therapy, whole brain integration and Psycho-Neurobiology.


· Sunny believes in partnering in the health care program with her patients and their primary care providers.  At all times patients are encouraged to voice concerns and actively participate in their healthcare program.  Their input is strongly encouraged; we function as a team.


· Consulting services pertaining to the patient’s better health and well-being in no way is meant to treat a disease but is to enhance the patient’s ability toward a path of increased wellness.

This website is provided as an educational tool.  It is not in-

          tended to be used for the purposes of diagnosing or treating diseases. The information provided herein

          should not replace the advice if your caregiver. Always consult your chosen informed healthcare practitioner for concerns of any symptoms or active disorders.


Our Commitment

“I love myself because God loves me”                  

“My worth comes from God and it’s free”             

“I choose to forgive myself and everyone else”

“I release all judgments and receive mercy”         

“I receive all good gifts from God”